sábado, 20 de junho de 2009

♫ Wouldn't it be nice....

If only you knew...
If only you had any idea of how hard it is to express this;to feel like a lunatic over someone that couldn't care less about you..If only you knew how ridiculously D.Quijote-an i feel for writing over this insanity, this awkward emptyness,this state of "oh,ok,if you say two plus two equals five then it must be..i wish i could say your hair's lovely,your eyes are deep,you smell like strawberries and all those clichés,but the truth is,i don't know if that's true,and i really couldn't care less about that at all.
The way you are ,the inner you if you prefer,makes me feel something very strong about you,regardless of all...you know,differences...To see bits of a better me in each and every article of yours was marvellous,and accelerated this mental/emotional decrepitude state you put me in,and here's the worst part - I don't exactly hate it!
Oh well,this is pretty much it,so now i'll go back to feeling as insignificant as the little beings inhabitting leaves on your dreams.

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