sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2009


I have never voted...not due to lazyness whatsoever,but because i trully believed that ultimately,my vote wouldn't make any difference,and that the simple act of voting was the same thing as urinating against the wind,considering the headaches (consciencial crisis) that disturb any elector non deprived of a sane mind.However,last year,and after a series of introspections,i decided that this would be a good year to start,and this is where the problems start...Suddenly,it started to make sense the fact of so many portuguese people chose their political party,the same way they chose their soccer team,and to prove it,all you have to do is to look at any of our parties's commercials on tv...beginning on parties who defend we should vote for them because the simple fact of living in a monarchy would make us evolve exponentially,passing through the obvious discomfort of a major part of our politicians,and ending on the lack of shame of Socrates & co,it's impossible not to let ourselves to get stuck in a redundancy web,and consequent attempt of murder to the national intelligence...And,as we all know,football is much more simple...So i think that before voting,we should all take this tiny won't take much of your time,and you might surprise yourself with the result

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